ImageI bet that your answer to that question was something along the lines of “Of course I do! What a silly question!” but I also bet that it’s more than likely that you’re doing it wrong. Don’t believe me? Watch this 3 minute video to find out, I’ll wait here for you:

Ah, you’re back. Hold on, I’ll just put down my cuppa. So, was I right? Were you tying your shoelaces wrong? Well, now you know! Imagine the valuable seconds you can shave off your day by not having to put your trainer laces into a double knot before going for a run or by avoiding having to re-tie your laces when they come undone!

It’s incredible, isn’t it? How you can go through so much of your adult life with absolutely no idea that there is a much better way to do something that you do so often without even thinking about it. Now, if that’s true of something as basic as tying your shoelaces, what if it is also true of a slightly more complicated area of your life, or one that is a bit more consequential than your shoelaces?! Imagine the benefits you could reap if you could learn something new about that!

It’s so easy to never stop to question whether there is a better way to approach what you’re doing, especially if you don’t perceive there to be a problem there to solve in the first place. If Terry Moore had never bought that pair of shoes with the round nylon shoelaces, he would probably never have questioned whether he was tying his shoelaces correctly, and therefore in turn neither would I, and therefore neither would you! A set of chance circumstances all ordering themselves neatly so that you could learn something that you didn’t expect to, and didn’t even know you needed to!

I think this neatly demonstrates that you’re never too old to learn something new and that learning new things can come from all manner of places, including when you’re not expecting it and not seeking it out. Undertaking formal training is fantastic, but it pays to not rule out learning from all manner of other sources, you never know what pearls of wisdom may come your way if you’re on the lookout for them!

I think it also shows that you can learn something new about almost anything – even about things that, if pushed, you would describe yourself as expert in… like tying your shoelaces! Think back to the beginning of the blog when I asked if you could tie your shoelaces and your immediate thought pattern was “Of course!” and yet now you have discovered an improvement to what was already a very simple process that was second nature to you.

So, let’s hear it – will you now be tying your shoes differently? Have you ever discovered you were doing anything else seemingly straightforward wrong? And what else do you hope that you can learn something new about? Maybe we can start a skills-we-thought-we-had-nailed-then-discovered-we-hadn’t exchange here on the blog!