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ImageSitting staring at a blank screen (which in my head I still think of as a blank sheet of paper – old school!) has become a bit of a regular event during the last 30 days! I spoke in an earlier post about the importance of determination to complete a challenge such as the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I’ve had to dig deep into my determination reserves… but I’ve finally made it – day 30 is finally upon us!

Setting time aside every day (I never did quite manage to get ahead of myself enough to write more than one post a day and schedule them to post in advance, as some of my fellow participants have done) to write a blog post, sometimes with the kernel of an idea already in my head and sometimes with that perpetual blank screen and blinking cursor staring back at me, has been quite a challenge.

But I have managed to do it and it has been a real reinforcement of that old adage about being able to achieve anything if you put your mind to it. I mean, I know that there are many, much bigger challenges in life than writing a few hundred words and sending them out into the ether every day. But it’s a small example of deciding to make a change and following through on that decision, without allowing the everyday issues, priorities and distractions to get in the way of achieving your goal.

It’s been tough at times to stay on course during a very busy period, but it has been very rewarding to make the time every day, not just to write and post my own blog, but also to read a variety of other blogs on a wide range of subjects and make connections with lots of fantastic bloggers, all of whom have been really generous with their thoughts, comments, tips and advice.

I have definitely got the taste for blogging more regularly than I was before undertaking the challenge, and I intend to keep it up, though daily blogging is something that I’ll keep in reserve for future challenges of this sort, I think!

And overall, I’m feeling a sense of satisfaction for having made it to the end of a challenge I set myself. So well done to all my fellow Ultimate Blog Challenge participants, thank you for making it so enjoyable, and I look forward to staying in contact with you.


ImageToday marks three weeks of the Ultimate Blog Challenge and I must confess that it is quite challenging to find sufficient inspiration on a daily basis to write a blog post that you hope will be of interest to at least one other person.

One thing that has become very important to enable me to keep going is determination. Determination to complete the challenge, determination to make time every single day to write a blog, regardless of what other time commitments I have, and determination to commit my thoughts to the page, do my best to ensure that it is as good as it can be, but without overanalysing and trying too hard to reach the unobtainable (and extremely time consuming!) heights of perfection.

It’s tough! But it has been an excellent learning experience for me. I’ve learnt that I can make time to be creative on a very regular basis, regardless of what else is going on in my life at the time, and that I enjoy doing so a great deal.

I’ve learnt that I am able to express my thoughts in a way that (a modest number of) other people can understand, enjoy, and even learn from. Who knew?!

I’ve also learnt a great deal from the many other bloggers I’ve been interacting with during the challenge, and the great posts they’ve been writing. Links are being made, networks are growing, and it’s been an extremely rewarding experience so far.

Finally, I’ve also learnt that my lovely wife is an exceptional editor and proof reader, and has a seemingly unending supply of patience, mustering enthusiasm every day at the request to read my blog before I post it. Thank you Jo!

As we move into the home straight of the challenge, I will continue to draw on my determination to finish and to develop good long term (but perhaps not daily!) blogging habits.

So to paraphrase everyone’s favourite blue cartoon fish with short term memory loss, just keep blogging… just keep blogging…