I was thinking about what to write for today’s blog post and it struck me that perhaps I should write a little bit about what coaching actually is and how it works. So I sat down and started to poder the best way to express the benefits of coaching and how I, as a coach, support my clients to achieve their goals.

After a little while of mulling over the various ways I could express it, I did my usual and hit Google and YouTube. And a fantastic video called How Coaching Works by the Wellcoaches School of Coaching popped up. So I watched it, loved it, and felt that it expressed the process and potential of coaching far more eloquently with its stick figures than I ever could with words.

Here’s the video: Why not have a watch and a think about if there are any outcomes in your life that you’d like to achieve, like the client in the video?

It’s probably a good time for me to mention that we are currently offering the first coaching session for free, so if you are inspired to try it for yourself, get in touch! We offer face to face coaching as well as coaching by Skype or telephone – whatever best meets your needs. Plus I have a hat exactly like the coach in the video wears!